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“Funny, sexy and tense, Hotel Noir has a jazzy rhythm all its own and is chockfull of smart lines and intriguing women. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Elmore Leonard/crime novelist/National Book Foundation Medal Winner

“A very absorbing homage to one of Hollywood’s greatest genres. It’s a visual treat!” Jeffrey Lyons/”EXTRA”/WCBS Radio

“Mesmerizing.  Exhilarating. Sexy, stylish and clever.  Carla Gugino sizzles.” Avi Offer/NYCmovieguru.com

“Refreshing… a surprisingly effective, enjoyable romp.  Gutierrez knows how to make the most out of his tiny budget, and shoots sequences of two people talking as snappily as he stages several musical numbers.”  Drew Taylor/Indiewire 

“Best of all is Carla Gugino, whose diverse talents are as ample as her measurements. Nobody can say a line like “I never go to church—kneeling bags my nylons” like Carla Gugino.”  Rex Reed/NY Observer