Top 5 Biggest Casinos Australia

Have you ever wondered what are the top places for a memorable gambling experience in the land down under? Don’t go anywhere, because we have your answer!

The Ultimate Gambling Experience

As you may have heard before, there is no place like Australia when it comes to gambling. The Aussies are passionate casino players, with a special tendency for slots, better known as pokies. A great part of the state’s revenue comes precisely from gambling, and one in three Australians spend their time at a casino at least once a week. So, what gives?

Aside from the obvious appeal of gambling, Australia provides all the players with a unique experience; lavish casinos that even Las Vegas would envy for one. Also, in Australia, you will often find a casino that offers hotel accommodation as well as luxurious restaurants and bars — hence why so many tourists around the world make it an inevitable part of their vacation.

In the following passages, we will review the most extravagant casinos in Australia that have become a top entertainment venue in the entire southern hemisphere.

Treasury Casino and Hotel

Treasury Casino and Hotel

This casino is one for the books — it currently takes residence in the former Treasury Building in Brisbane, but the plans for further expansion are underway. They include not one but five casino hotels, a theatre for live entertainment, as well as many lavish restaurants and nightclubs.

Until then, the casino is split into two buildings and three floors, with everything you could possibly ask for — from private gaming rooms to a gym with a sauna; perfect for killing time in-between casino games.

In addition, there are two bars which cover sports and race track betting, for all your gambling needs. And let’s not forget the table games, which can be played in many extravagant gaming rooms with Blackjack, Craps, and Baccarat tables. Also, there are many Poker tables as well, where you can enjoy a game or two of Texas Hold’Em or Caribbean Stud.

Melbourne Crown Casino

This establishment is considered to be the largest casino in the entire country. So, naturally, stopping for a visit is an absolute must if you happen to find yourself in town. It is located at the very center of Melbourne, on the Yarra River, and the exterior is just as lavish as you would imagine. It also includes three hotels, many bars and restaurants, and many of the world’s most beloved retail stores, such as Harrods, Prada, and Bulgari.

But, that’s not all. This casino complex also has an impressive ballroom that can host over 2000 guests, and it is a regular spot for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix Ball event. However, the gambling library is by far the most impressive, with 2500 electronic gaming machines, and the hottest table games in the world.

Crown Perth

In Crown Casino in Perth, not only that you can choose to play some of the most popular casino games out there, but also enjoy one of the 32 restaurants in the complex. But it doesn’t stop there since they are planning a major expansion in order to become a six-star establishment. By the end of it, it is expected that the casino will span on over one million square feet!



Accordingly, the casino plans to expand their already admirable gaming library, with over 200 gaming tables and a few thousand electronic machines. And if you get tired of the excitement from gambling, you can choose to stay in one of the two separate hotels which are a part of the establishment. One thing is for sure — this hotel and casino will absolutely make all of your dreams come true!

Star Casino, Sydney

The Star Casino is a real jewel of Sydney — not only does it offer an amazing gambling experience, but also the most luxurious hotel accommodation, a swimming pool, a spa, and various nightclubs. The casino itself is opened 24/7 and sprawled on two wide floors, with the most modern looking gaming rooms. One of those is reserved for the highest of VIP rollers, with the most luxurious setting you have ever seen.

This casino is a top spot for players from all around the world, but especially the US. Actually, this place has such a strong image that it hosts the WSOP tournament each year. Besides that, it also hosts tournaments of its own, with unimaginable sums of money being betted on each night.

Star Casino, Gold Coast

The Star Gold Coast

This is Queensland’s veteran casino, previously known as — Jupiter’s. Though it has established a great reputation already, the casino does not plan on slowing down. Actually, the 17 story building is planned to be built as a home to an even larger casino establishment.

For now, the casino has 600 rooms to offer to the players, with top-level slots, table games, and many additional features. This casino cherishes the fine game of poker especially — which is why you can enjoy many poker versions here, including Texas Hold’Em and Pai Gow.

In addition, this casino offers a wide variety of sporting events on which you can bet in one of the many bars. Also, they have some of the biggest flat screens, where you can follow all the games and tournaments, for an even more exciting experience.


As you can see, the land down under can easily compete with many of Vegas’ prime spots for gambling. Combining an enjoyable experience of casino games with the most luxurious hotels and fine dining. Undoubtedly, Australia is a top spot on every tourist’s list. So, what are you still waiting for?

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